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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


AVENTYbike – the future without fuel
AVENTYbike is an innovative, hybrid vehicle – combination of a bike and a car. Kamil Różański is creating the electric bike, which design is based on sports cars.
It all started because of loving fast cars and original bikes. For the creator of AVENTYbike there is no better combination. The unique design and construction make the velomobile different from any other vehicle. Although there is nothing even similar to this bike, the organizers of Motorshow Poznań allowed AVENTYbike to be shown in 2016 on their event. The project has their support. The premiere of the bike should take place in March 2016.
It is worth mentioning that similar kinds of bodies for such vehicles have been produced in Poland, however it was only foreign companies to order them. AVENTYbike is 100% Polish project, and has support mainly from Polish producers.
At this stage the body is being finished, and, as soon as the bike is lacquered, it will be put on its wheels. However, this may not be possible without the support of sponsors, which number is still deficient. Patronage and sponsoring will allow the author to finish the prototype and start the mass production.
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