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Thursday, December 6, 2012

One Year Anniversary

We are celebrating one year online today. So I thought I would update you with a new invention that is bound to get some attention. Revolights is a new light that attaches to your wheels and lights up the road. Check it out, it looks pretty cool.


  1. Very nice lighting system, but I would not call it 'new'. The video itself is from August 2011. The lights have been around longer than Velomobile News has! :P

    But that does not detract from how cool and effective they are. :)

  2. Hi,

    I think the pannonrider 2 velomobile should be added to this website as they started manufacturing it, it's not just a prototype.

    A pannonrider search on google images reveals some nice photos.

    As a curiosity, could you please tell me how many visitors a month this website has?
    It seems that this website is not known by important velomobile manufacturers while I think it should be one of the most important websites for velomobile enthusiasts!

  3. About velo-z czech velomobile...

    They said that english translation is in progress, it will be ready in 1 or 2 weeks and they will update the photo gallery too.
    It turns out that this is a 2 seater that can be equipped with electric assistance and solar panels!

    In the meantime, they sent me a google translation, but I can't send it all because I'm limited by this website to 4096 characters.
    I'll send just the technical specs:

    Build your own velomobile VELO-Z!
    Your vehicle may also include extras:
    hood of lightweight carbon-Kevlar fiber
    independent suspension all three rounds
    tinted glass
    GPS navigation
    Remote GPS tracking velomobile
    alarm with remote control
    mp3 player
    adjustable mirrors
    electronic ventilation and heating
    electric assistance
    solar cells on the roof
    CCTV system with night vision and the possibility of recording
    you can connect children's trailer

    Technical specifications
    3060 mm
    120.47 inches
    880 mm
    34.65 inches
    1150 mm
    45.28 inches
    860 mm
    33.86 inches
    1630 mm
    64.17 inches
    Minimum height of the chassis:
    80 mm
    3.15 inches
    Seat height from ground:
    330 mm
    13.0 inches
    from 30 kg (depending on the version and equipment)
    Minimum turning radius:
    4 m
    13.12 feet
    Front wheel:
    508 mm
    20 inches
    Rear wheel:
    660 mm
    26 inches
    Sort by:
    front changer, middle and rear derailleur (derived according to the version, but it is possible to achieve speeds of up to 60 - 3x2x10)
    Front and rear suspension:
    according to the version
    Brakes front and rear:
    disc hydraulic (also used as a parking)
    aluminum alloy
    carbon-kevlar, (cheaper versions from fiberglass )
    The breathable fabric, adjustable tilt and distance from the pedals, both seats can be easily removed. Removing the rear seats get extra large trunk