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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Roving reporter update!

Here is a little idea that might help. I got an email from Dan in Colorado who was doing a little research on his own. This gave me a great idea for roving reporters. Because I am not in the position to visit or call everyone in the business, anyone who wants to help us all out with some information of their own I will post it as a Roving Reporter Update. Just send your info in an email and let me know if you want to remain anonymous or leave your name. The first Roving Reporter Update comes from Dan in Littleton, Colorado.

"First of all, I called bluevelo and they are running about 3 months for a carbon quest right now and they want 2,000 USD down to get started. Ray at bluevelo told me that the details about the accessories can be worked out later. Also, at velomobiles.caSteve is still finaliizing the molds for the milan GT and has not begun work on the milan sl. He is looking at November for possibly takiing orders for the sl. Steve told me he would like 60% down for his products. 

From one of your roving reporters!"

Dan in Littleton, Colorado

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