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Monday, August 27, 2012

Velayo Velomobile

O.K. so once in a while a new


gets away from me. So here is a different design. This one is called Velayo and their website is located at . This design is much higher than most and it looks like it could be seen much easier in traffic. The design takes some getting use to, but it gives us a new direction we could go in.
VelayoVelayo 2011Velayo 2011VelayoVelayo 2011

The pictures are located on their website along with many more, and some video. The only problem I see with this design is the rear wheel steering. Traditionally, rear wheel steering has proven to be unstable at high speeds, so I would love to see an independent test of this one to prove its stability.

Here is some more information from their website, some of which has been translated from German.

The Velayo challenging convention and common Velomobile concepts.

  1. The only velomobile it features a rear-wheel steering and front wheel drive. Thus, a short and light chain without deflection possible and the front wheels can be made rigid: tracking error are excluded. Both measures result in minimal friction and enable easy driving even at low speeds. It is a higher power surplus to accelerate.
  2. The position of the rider is to create higher than normal market velomobiles for better visibility and visibility. The Augpunkthöhe is independent of the driver's size approx 100cm.
  3. The seat position can be adapted continuously to a wide range of drivers are (165-195cm), without adjusting a length of the chain is required.
  4. The Velayo has a wheelbase of about 2m. This improves directional stability and ride comfort of the frame and prevents lifting the rear wheel even at sharp braking maneuvers.
  5. The Velayo is through consistent lightweight larger and lighter than the same market competitors.
The Velayo embodies the conscious sacrifice of ballast and its impressive modern design and advanced technology.

Frame:Aluminum spaceframe
Seating:Aluminum frame with breathable and customizable mesh, seat position without adjusting the chain length adjustable from 165cm to 195cm for drivers
Suspension:Neutral driving seat suspension
Steering:Rear-wheel steering with stable straight and stable cornering
Panel:GRP panel with part-sandwich structure
Brakes:Brake Avid BB7 160mm
Brake levers:V-brake lever with integrated parking brake
Front Shifter:SRAM grip shift Attack Micro
Rear shifter:SRAM grip shift Attack 9-fold
Crank:Shimano compact 50/34
Derailleur:Shimano Tiagra 2-fold
Cassette:Shimano SLX 11-28
Chain:Shimano Deore XT
Rear derailleur:Deore XT Shadow
Headlights:Busch & Müller Ixon IQ Speed
Taillight:Trelock LS610
Dimensions:L285cm X B110cm X H120cm
Turning circle:11.5 m
Geschwindigeit[at 210W]:39.2 km / h
Weight :32kg (including lighting)
Cargo capacity: :100kg driver and 20kg luggage
Features / Price:Prices incl VAT
PosDescriptionNo.UnitPrice / UnitPrice / Gb
1Velayo yellow, serial number # # # # #,
increased shoulder room / low access now standard,
bell incl wheel fairings, luggage bag behind the driver, rain cover, lights, speedometer,
1St€ 5,640.00€ 5,640.00
2Low access / increased shoulder room (now standard)1St€ 116.00€ 116.00
3Desired color1St€ 150.00€ 150.00
4Large reflector stickers (black, retro-reflective silver)1Stz€ 200.00€ 200.00
53-way crank1Stfree€ 0.00
6Schlumpf gear
(EPP as per price list Smurf - € 60 credit standard crank)
7Bar end shifters1St€ 104.00€ 104.00
8Fenders1St€ 116.00€ 116.00
9Deflectors1St€ 35.00€ 35.00
10Versatile roof with Velayo disc and recently Deflectors1St€ 295.00€ 295.00
11prolonged steering lever1Pr€ 30.00€ 30.00
12elongated seat1St€ 40.00€ 40.00
13SPD pedals PD-A 5301St€ 35.00€ 35.00
14Battery better reachable -> IQ Speed ​​with long cable1St€ 8.00€ 8.00
15Integrated Electrical Functions with Auf-/Abblenden, turn signals, motorcycle tail light (non-working brake lights), horn1St€ 400.00€ 400.00
16Pinion on the right axle shaft as Preparation for Lohmeyer drive1St€ 140.00€ 140.00
17Rear view mirror Busch and Muller incl cultivation1St€ 20.00€ 20.00
18Bottle holder adapter Bottlefix2St€ 11.00€ 22.00
19Aluminum bottle cage2St€ 6.00€ 12.00
20Side pockets (armrests)2St€ 12.00€ 24.00
21Tool box (Mini Pump Topeak Micro Rocket € 25 Tube Schwalbe 14A XXLight € 10, € 2 tire levers, patch kit € 2, 2.5 / 3/4/5/6mm Allen € 8, 7/8/10/13mm ring -/Maulschlüssel € 8, Mini Knipex water pump pliers € 15, tool box € 3)1St€ 75.00€ 75.00
22Desire tires
(EPP request tires - € 40 credit standard tires)
23Fabric garage1St€ 179.00€ 179.00
24Transportation costs within D1St€ 300.00€ 300.00
Download a Price List: pdf xls

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Roving reporter update!

Here is a little idea that might help. I got an email from Dan in Colorado who was doing a little research on his own. This gave me a great idea for roving reporters. Because I am not in the position to visit or call everyone in the business, anyone who wants to help us all out with some information of their own I will post it as a Roving Reporter Update. Just send your info in an email and let me know if you want to remain anonymous or leave your name. The first Roving Reporter Update comes from Dan in Littleton, Colorado.

"First of all, I called bluevelo and they are running about 3 months for a carbon quest right now and they want 2,000 USD down to get started. Ray at bluevelo told me that the details about the accessories can be worked out later. Also, at velomobiles.caSteve is still finaliizing the molds for the milan GT and has not begun work on the milan sl. He is looking at November for possibly takiing orders for the sl. Steve told me he would like 60% down for his products. 

From one of your roving reporters!"

Dan in Littleton, Colorado