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Friday, April 27, 2012

Velomobile Design Contest

O.K. guys here you go. Get out the pens and pencils and dust off your thinking caps, because the B'Twin bicycle company in conjunction with Local-Motors has just released a velomobile design contest.

Check it out here....

The design runs from now until Tuesday May 15, 2012. They are offering $15,000 dollars in prizes.
Here are some clips taken from the Local-Motors site.

Design Brief

<<  Design a lightweight, customizable, urban friendly tricycle that can accomodate two driving positions, provides electric-assist and protection from weather and collision, can be connected to a smartphone, and can fold up to ease parking.  >>

The Company: B'TWIN

"Our desire is to create those innovating solutions and designs that will revolutionize and simplify cycling"

The Specs, Who and What you are designing for

The Technical Specifications of the Brief

The Requirements, Guidelines and Deliverables:

What you will be presenting
  • Tricycle, 2 front wheels, 1 rear wheel
  • Max length in use: 200 cm
  • Maximum width in use: 80 cm
  • Max height: 175 cm
  • Turning radius: 270 cm
  • Power : human, in association with a 250 W motor
  • Carrying weight:: 130 Kg
  • 1 Driver
  • Driver height : 150 cm min size / 195 cm max size
  • Driver max weight: 130 Kg
  • Driving position (inner-city): seated, back straight, head high
  • Driving position (outside of the city): slightly reclining position
  • Accessible Price
  • Access to pedestrian zones, bike paths, areas where cars are forbidden
  • Good Ventilation
  • Weight- storage – easy parking
  • To Be Announced


  • First Prize(B'TWIN jury selection): $7500
  • Second Prize: $5000 (Community Favorite)
  • Third Prize: $2500 (Community Runner-Up)

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