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Friday, April 27, 2012

Velomobile Design Contest

O.K. guys here you go. Get out the pens and pencils and dust off your thinking caps, because the B'Twin bicycle company in conjunction with Local-Motors has just released a velomobile design contest.

Check it out here....

The design runs from now until Tuesday May 15, 2012. They are offering $15,000 dollars in prizes.
Here are some clips taken from the Local-Motors site.

Design Brief

<<  Design a lightweight, customizable, urban friendly tricycle that can accomodate two driving positions, provides electric-assist and protection from weather and collision, can be connected to a smartphone, and can fold up to ease parking.  >>

The Company: B'TWIN

"Our desire is to create those innovating solutions and designs that will revolutionize and simplify cycling"

The Specs, Who and What you are designing for

The Technical Specifications of the Brief

The Requirements, Guidelines and Deliverables:

What you will be presenting
  • Tricycle, 2 front wheels, 1 rear wheel
  • Max length in use: 200 cm
  • Maximum width in use: 80 cm
  • Max height: 175 cm
  • Turning radius: 270 cm
  • Power : human, in association with a 250 W motor
  • Carrying weight:: 130 Kg
  • 1 Driver
  • Driver height : 150 cm min size / 195 cm max size
  • Driver max weight: 130 Kg
  • Driving position (inner-city): seated, back straight, head high
  • Driving position (outside of the city): slightly reclining position
  • Accessible Price
  • Access to pedestrian zones, bike paths, areas where cars are forbidden
  • Good Ventilation
  • Weight- storage – easy parking
  • To Be Announced


  • First Prize(B'TWIN jury selection): $7500
  • Second Prize: $5000 (Community Favorite)
  • Third Prize: $2500 (Community Runner-Up)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Seat Velomobile

O.K. this is going to be a short post, but you must watch this video. The people at Tri Sled have been working on a four seat velomobile concept and have just released a video. This may be one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Euro Tour 2013

Right on the heels of the ROAM(Roll Over America) tour, in which 50 to 60 velomobiles and ran a tour from Oregon to DC, comes the Euro Tour 2013. Registration has been opened as of March 6th on what originally was conceived to closely emulate ROAM. The Euro Tour 2013 is currently scheduled to take place starting July 22, 2013 and currently has 2500km of route mapped out, with 100 to 150 km daily distances. As of this writing it has participants coming from 15 countries bringing 33 different types of velomobiles. It now looks to run through the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany, where volunteers have now adopted two thirds of the route to take place. Take a look at the official website for the Euro Tour.
They are looking for participants and sponsors. So even if you don't intend to ride, look into a sponsorship. The site has loads of information, a map of the route as they update the adopted path, registration information and much more. Keep watching for updates about Euro Tour.

Monday, April 16, 2012

28th annual MIchigan HPV rally

Here's one to see. The 28th annual Michigan HPV rally will be held May 19th and 20th  at the Waterford Hills sports car racing track on the Oakland County Sportsmen's Club grounds in Clarkston, Michigan. The event is put on by the Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Association.

For more information check out their blog at
or go to their website located at
car racing track on the Oakland County Sportsmen's Club grounds in Clarkston, near Pontiac.

Quest XS


After long await it is finally here. I have followed this one for a while but have been remiss in my postings. This is a new velomobile by the good people that bring us the Quest. So here it is... just a bit smaller. Instead of hearing me rant, I have posted the specs and the features below.
The QuestXS costs € 5950 (€ 5000 ex VAT)
The QuestXS comes ready-to-ride, including light system, bike copmuter, bell, air pump, spare tyre and tyre repair set.
Technical specifications
Length2,6 m
Width0,765 m
Height0,855 m
Weight31 kg ready-to-ride, including battery (white body)
Turning Circle12 m (depending on front tyre size)
Seat Angle35 - 40ยบ (adjustable)
Colour (*)white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green and black
Electrical Equipment
  • B&M Lumotec IQ Cyo (adjustable from inside)
Quest B&M Lumotec IQ CyoQuest B&M Lumotec IQ Cyo
  • daytime running light with low power consumption in front
Quest daytime light
  • Spanninga LED and breaking light in rear
Quest rear light
  • B&M NiMH 4,5 Ah 6V battery/B&M battery charger, dashboard light
Quest battery, dashboard light
- on request
  • turning signal lights (8x luxeon 1W LED) (€175)
Quest signal lights frontQuest signal lights rear
  • electric horn (€25)
Quest horn
  • double headlight (€100)
Quest double headlight
  • 2nd battery (€50)
Rear Sprockets
  • Sram 9v 11/12/13/14/16/18/21/24/28
  • all available shimano (compatible) 9v sprockets are possible
DerailleursFront Shimano Tiagra, Rear Sram X9
ShiftersSram Grip shift X9
  • SA Aluminium 70mm drum brakes (single-side mounted)
  • on request: SA Aluminium 90mm drum brakes (€25)
  • front: Schwalbe Kojak 35-406
  • rear: Schwalbe Kojak 50-559
  • front: Sapim 163 mm strong butted 13/14 RVS 36pc a wheel (90 mm drums 158 mm)
  • rear: Sapim 264 mm race butted 14/15/14 36pc/wheel
RimsKHE Alu Black 36 holes
MirrorQuest mirror
  • on request: 2nd mirror (€15)
  • Quest 2nd mirror
*The QuestXS has a polyester coating sprayed in the moulds while producing the shells. Under the finish there is a black and white layer to make it non-trasparant and even. Because the layers are as thin as possible the colours will not exacly match RAL colours, but yellow comes close to RAL 1023, red RAL 3020, blue RAL 5015, orange RAL 2004, green RAL 6018 end black RAL 9127. Spraying afterward in any carpaint is also possible at extra cost, as from € 750.