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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Velomobile News TV Pilot

O.K. here it is. Just as promised. My first ever episode of Velomobile News TV. I may just shorten the name to Velomobile TV.  Anyways, please be patient as this is my first show, I am still learning to use the equipment and shoot/edit video. So here it is and some pics and charts I have promised from the show. Just give the show a day or so to watch it in the window, it is still processing. The upload and processing takes a ridiculous amount of time.


  1. The Aussie with the Mango that posts all of the great videos, nitramluap = Paul Martin (his name spelled backwards)

  2. Thank you, that is brilliant. I would never have thought to look at his screen name backwards. So much for my thinking outside of the box.:)