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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mosquitos, velomobiles and junk?

 Here is a concept worth watching. Mosquito Velomobiles, are working on a prototype velomobile. It is a front wheel drive, tilting delta trike platform. The front wheel drive allows for efficient packaging of the entire drive-train up front, while the tilting design makes it possible to make high speed turns without slowing down.This one is sure to be a screamer, we look forward to seeing more from this velomobile in the future.

The following information below are specs they hope to incorporate, taken directly from their website.
front wheel drive, direct transmission (no pulleys)
- it's silent
- it's efficient
- off the shelf standard drive train bicycle components
- it's light
- transmission fully enclosed = very low maintenance

rear steering
- because of the front wheel drive
a challenging criteria that has been validated:
- stable at any speed

- stiff connection between the 3 wheels: the trike can be ridden on any road surface or steeply cambered road without having to compensate with the steering
- no effect of side gusts or crosswinds on the steering
- air inlet on the nose
- air inlet under the belly directing the air flow behind the back of the cyclist
modular design
- removable fairing
- cargo space between the 2 rear wheels
- the wheel base can be increased (no need for a trailer)
- possibility to carry children
- the velomobile can be folded and vertically stored