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Friday, January 6, 2012


Milan SL Mk1
Here we have two works of art. The Milan velomobile is made in two models, the Milan MK2 is the picture at the top of the page, and the Milan SL MK1 is the one just underneath. The MK1 is said to be the smaller, twin brother of the MK2. Made for people of smaller stature.
With the aerodynamic shell the site states that the MK1 will go 60 kph on only 185 watts. The MK2 lists energy usage of 200 watts at 60kph. The size difference is very small. The Mk2 for instance is less than 7cm taller overall than the MK2. All other measurements are even smaller than that. The price for the MK2 as of the end of 2010 is listed as 6750,-€ inkl. 19 % VAT in their pdf. Strangely enough the MK1 also lists for the same price. No update on current model year prices shows. Both have the same 127cm wheelbase. Their website has loads of information. Way too much for me to fit into a review, so head on over and check it out. It may be the most informative velomobile site ever for tech information about a product.

Front suspensionSeat with ventilation holes


  1. i must have a mk1!

  2. As highlighted by Lee Wakefield the power measurements for the Milan were obtained with a Powertap hub. The consequences are that the transmission losses are ignored and are not directly comparable with power measurements made using other power measurement equipment.
    One needs to know, or estimate the transmission losses.