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Friday, January 6, 2012

Leitra Avancee

The Leitra may be the longest running velomobile. It has its roots to the first Leitra that was built in 1980. The new version called the Avancee and has a full canopy with vent to help keep the wind screen clear. They are offered with a plethora of standard equipment as seen here.
  • Leitra tricycle, all sizes,
  • with full suspension on all three wheels,
  • Sturmey Archer drumbrakes (or similar) on front wheels,
  • SRAM Dual Drive gearing (3x8) and mechanical disc brake on rear wheel,
  • Luggage carrier,
  • Fenders on all three wheels,
  • Chain guard
  • Complete 6 V light system with rechargeable battery.
    Price..... 4500,- €.
  •  Leitra recumbent velomobileAs seen from the small picture; the entire front end hinges forward to allow easy entry and exit from the vehicle. It may not be the fastest, sleekest or most technologically advanced, but it does have staying power. The same design(albeit with some slight variation) has been around on the Leitra for three decades now. All in all a dependable velomobile with full enclosure to keep everyone dry and warm. It even features 100L of luggage capacity for some cargo carrying ability.