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Friday, January 6, 2012

Leiba Brise

LEIBA brise

Here is a fascinating idea. This takes the head out design to a whole new level. The sides are even gone to allow for maximum entry flexibility. The price begins at 5499 Euros for this one. Great for recreational use or if you just want a little more wind in your hair. Here is a price list good from 2009. That is the most up to date list so far.
Description EURO
LEIBA x-stream (basic equipment)
€ 5499,-
LEIBA x-stream with a "SRAM Dual Drive" hub 
€ 200,- extra
LEIBA x-stream with a 14-gears "Rohloff" hub
€ 890,- extra
LEIBA x-stream with a "BionX" E-Motor assist
from € 1500,- extra
Mechanic front disk brakes "Avid BB7" 
 € 260,- extra
Corrosion protection for all aluminium parts
€ 60,- extra
Aero wheel covers from FRP
€ 20,- /piece
Aero wheel covers mounting 
€ 8,- / wheel
Front wheel case  covers 
€ 120,- extra
Indicator light system
€ 150,- extra
Cellular upholstery (not cut to size)
€ 12,- extra
Cellular upholstery "Ventisit"
€ 75,- extra
Right rear mirror € 23,- extra 
€ 300,- extra
Rent (after purchasing a LEIBA
x-stream the rental will be credited)
€ 25,- /day
€ 150,- /week
Shipping/DeliveryPrices on request
(Spare)partsPrices on request

LEIBA brise

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