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Friday, January 6, 2012

Go-One Evo K / Go-One C Evo

Go-One Evo KGo-One Evo K

With this one Go-One seems to be heading into the head out velomobile design. It states that the Go-One K in white has a base starting at 11,000 Euros, while the carbon version is listed at a base of 7800. The standard is a carbon/kevlar composite. The carbon version is all carbon and does away with the kevlar. Many more options are available at their website. Here are some examples...
ModificationAdditional charge
LED lighting system IQ Speedincluding switch panel ready eingbaut€ 350
LED lightsonly in conjunction with light€ 350
B & M E-factoryfor 12V. and 6V. with 1 battery€ 130
Rear suspension Carbon SwingarmIncl. DT Swiss shock€ 1,000
90 drum brakes€ 100
Honeycomb wheelsuper soft rear wheel arch€ 300
Carbon hoodwith lockable rausnehmbarem visor€ 700
Not much information is listed on this new model, but I will be looking for videos and customer evaluations to post on it in the future.

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