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Monday, January 9, 2012

Alleweder A4

Here we have the one and only Alleweder A4. They have two versions available now, this one is the classic aluminum bodied velomobile.Weighing in at 35kg the aluminum A4 has two mirrors and a safety roll bar. The Alleweder is now produced by Alligt, a Dutch recumbent specialist company. The build it yourself kits are surprisingly affordable. Particularly when you consider the all aluminum construction. Here is the price list taken right from their website.

Build kits

Build kit A4 with 3 x 8 hub gears                           € 2695,00
Build kit A4 with Shimano 8 hub€ 2770,00
Build kit A4 with Rohloff 14 hub€ 3540,00


Brake on the rear wheel€ 60,00
Canvas rain cover€ 120,00
Seat pad€ 30,00

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