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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Velomobile Bags

Velomobile bag right sideVelomobile bag left

Here is an interesting accessory for velomobile riders. Available from Radical Design is a bag for either the left or right side of you velomobile. The left lists for 75 Euros, while the right side lists for 79 Euros. They are made of foam and are designed to stand up against the side of the velomobile without falling over. The right side bag has a built in water bottle holder. This is a great accessory for storing things in your velomobile.

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Columbus Rides: US House wants to cancel funding; Sweden wants bic...: Looks like Sweden is finally* getting a little competitive with quality-of-life rivals Denmark and the Netherlands and is looking to pum...

Monday, January 30, 2012

Velomobile TV episode 3

Here it is. Episode 3 of Velomobile TV. Have some suggestions and some questions for viewers about what kind of show you would like to see from a velomobile related tv show. I will do my best to try and make your dreams come true. Another clip I will be talking about in this weeks episode is the cycling superhighway located in the U.K. check it out below, looks like something all cities need to copy.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mosquitos, velomobiles and junk?

 Here is a concept worth watching. Mosquito Velomobiles, are working on a prototype velomobile. It is a front wheel drive, tilting delta trike platform. The front wheel drive allows for efficient packaging of the entire drive-train up front, while the tilting design makes it possible to make high speed turns without slowing down.This one is sure to be a screamer, we look forward to seeing more from this velomobile in the future.

The following information below are specs they hope to incorporate, taken directly from their website.
front wheel drive, direct transmission (no pulleys)
- it's silent
- it's efficient
- off the shelf standard drive train bicycle components
- it's light
- transmission fully enclosed = very low maintenance

rear steering
- because of the front wheel drive
a challenging criteria that has been validated:
- stable at any speed

- stiff connection between the 3 wheels: the trike can be ridden on any road surface or steeply cambered road without having to compensate with the steering
- no effect of side gusts or crosswinds on the steering
- air inlet on the nose
- air inlet under the belly directing the air flow behind the back of the cyclist
modular design
- removable fairing
- cargo space between the 2 rear wheels
- the wheel base can be increased (no need for a trailer)
- possibility to carry children
- the velomobile can be folded and vertically stored

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Velomobile TV episode 2

Here go again. This is episode 2 of Velomobile TV. I have decided to shorten the name to Velomobile TV for simplicity's sake. This is a shorter episode only about 11 minutes long. I have been playing with a green screen so I can show velomobile pictures and video during the show. I will go over a book you should buy authored by Atomic Zombie, I will go over tools that I use and will go over the first ever owner review of Gary and his Velocity Velos velomobile.  Not too much work in the shop as it is unheated and this is a bad time of year income wise. Anyways, enjoy the show, and I will try to make the show better and better with each episode.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Rocket Lean-steer Velomobile

Here we go. I found this on This is a beautiful design, although I am not sure how it handles high speed turns. Rear steering is not the best way to turn a vehicle, you tend to lose control too fast. At any rate, this vehicle was built by Greg Kolodziejzyk of the web site listed above for an attempt to cross Canada. It is a lean steer designed delta trike. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Velomobile News TV Pilot

O.K. here it is. Just as promised. My first ever episode of Velomobile News TV. I may just shorten the name to Velomobile TV.  Anyways, please be patient as this is my first show, I am still learning to use the equipment and shoot/edit video. So here it is and some pics and charts I have promised from the show. Just give the show a day or so to watch it in the window, it is still processing. The upload and processing takes a ridiculous amount of time.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Informational pdf

After reading several posts on it is obvious riding a velomobile can attract lots of attention, even when you do not have time for it. Below is a pdf file I have made for anyone to use. Keep it hand in your velomobile or just hand it out to unsuspecting strangers. It might be useful for anyone who encounters questions while riding in your velomobile and do not have time to answer.

If you would like an original copy of the pdf file email me at 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pilot episode update

I have an update on the pilot episode. I am finishing shooting and editing of my new show, so stay tuned for further updates. I should have it uploaded sometime this week. Having some production issues, but I will definitely have the first episode ready this week.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Velomobile as a solution for sustainable transportation

While perusing the web looking for information I am going to use in my upcoming web show, I found this link.         

It will take you to a pdf file of a paper written by Frederik Van De Walle of Stockholm, Sweden. It is an interesting read covering 104 pages of information. If you get the time, you really should read this, it is quite enlightening.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New section to be added, Owner Reviews

O.K. After receiving many emails from enthusiastic velomobile owners, I think it would be awesome to hear a review from the people who own them and use them for a living. So if you want to write a review of your own velomobile, even if it is custom built, send some pictures and write a few paragraphs and I will get them uploaded and posted. Just tell us your first name and what part of the world you live in.

Just send the email to     

Italian Sports car of Velomobiles

O.k. so this is not something you can buy, but it is so neat I have to feature it. A website by the name of Fixed Gear Gallery has a velomobile that could have been made by Ferrari. The builder, Leonardo Leuci, runs a bike shop in Saluggia near Turin. A project that was begun in the 1980s, the bike features venturi openings ventilation and even a seat that could have come from a Ferrari. 

Trisled Avatar

One of my favorite designs, and maybe the fastest, is the Trisled Avatar. This velomobile tips the check book at $14,500 dollars Australian and is obviously their flagship design. With a frame made of  a TIG welded aircraft alloy, and a body of Kevlar composites, it also features an auto grade paint finish. The hood, windscreen and NACA style ducts on the back sides are all made as aerodynamic as possible. The total weight of the velomobile is 25kg.

Trisled Aquila

AquilaAquila. This is without a doubt my favorite designed velomobile of all time. To see why see the video at the bottom of this page. This design has vents for cooling, an opaque roof for shade and a fully enclosed cabin space. In the AIPP it is also without  a doubt the fastest velo on the track. It lists for AU $ 8500. Although this beautiful design was intended for racing, I see  no reason it couldn't be used on the street. Just add lights mirrors, and go!



Trisled FB10


The one you see to your right is simply calledFB10. This is on of the fastest seen racing in the Australian International Pedal Prix, which we will go into in later posts. It start at AU $6700. This is one of my favorite designs and while the manufacture calls it a racing vehicle and not a velomobile, I see no reason it could not be used on the street. Great price, really fast and fully enclosed.

Trisled Formula and Fastback

Formula Trisled
This one is the Formula Trisled. It starts at AU $3700 and goes up to AU $4200 including the fairing shown here.  This is the racing version of the Trisled velomobiles. They also list a fastback design, but do not show the fairing asseen below.


Trisled Rotovelo

The most interesting road going is the Rotovelo. Seen here the Rotovelo is made using a roto-molded fairing, making it probably the most durable velomobile on the market. The molded design can also be lit from within and the light will show through the body making the entire fairing glow from within. It is listed at 5990 dollars Australian.

Alleweder A6

The Allweder A6 takes the classic aluminum velomobile and makes it into a fiber reinforced resin piece of art. Standard equipment will include a head rest, roll bar, dual front mirrors and an Inoled front light with a rechargeable Sigma battery. Available in red, yellow or white as standard, other colors are optional and the velo only need a few pieces glued together with laminating adhesives.  Here is the price list for the A6, taken right from their website.

Build kits

Build kit A6 with 3 x 8 hub gears                                         € 3795,00
Build kit A6 with Shimano 8 hub€ 3870,00
Build kit A6 with Rohloff 14 hub€ 4640,00


Brake on the rear wheel€ 60,00
Fiberglass rain cover€ 295,00
Seat pad€ 30,00

And of course what list wouldn't be complete without a few extras, like the technical specifications.

 Length259 cm
 Width81 cm
 Height85 cm
 Wheelbase130 cm
 Turning circle8,3 m ( 9 m wall to wall)
 Weight31 kg (complete standard version with Continental SportContact high pressure tires)
 Wheels3 x 406 ertro (20")
 Brakes front wheelsDrum brakes on both frint wheels activated by a single brake handle. Also used as parking brake
 Brakes rear wheelV-Brake (optional, required by law in some countries, advisable in mountainous areas)
 Gears3 x 8 Sram derailleur (standard version)
Gear range with standard 65 teeth front blade (smaller blades possible.
In highest gear (24) 12.1m/crank revolution
In lowest gear (1) 2.2m/crank revolution
 LightingBattery operated long duration LED tail light with red reflector. 
 Front light (optinonal)Uses four very efficient white LED's. Thanks to clever electronics it runs 72 hours (400 in blinking mode) on just 3 AAA penlights.
With blinking mode for visibility. Gives sufficient light for an occasional ride in the dark. If you ride in the dark a lot, or under
difficult circumstances we advise to use 2 of these units, or to buy a heavier alternative.
 MiscellaneousOne rear view mirror (second one is optional).
A powerful bell (you will need it!).
 Maximum body sizes      Maximum height is 195 cm and the maximum weight is 95 kg. Very broad shoulders restrict the maximum lenght as that means
that the seat can not be put in the backmost positions. (the cockpit opening gets narrower towards the back. When foreseen during
the building process, it is possible to make the opening a bit wider, so the seat can be moved back a bit further without the
shoulders getting in the way.)  

Alleweder A4

Here we have the one and only Alleweder A4. They have two versions available now, this one is the classic aluminum bodied velomobile.Weighing in at 35kg the aluminum A4 has two mirrors and a safety roll bar. The Alleweder is now produced by Alligt, a Dutch recumbent specialist company. The build it yourself kits are surprisingly affordable. Particularly when you consider the all aluminum construction. Here is the price list taken right from their website.

Build kits

Build kit A4 with 3 x 8 hub gears                           € 2695,00
Build kit A4 with Shimano 8 hub€ 2770,00
Build kit A4 with Rohloff 14 hub€ 3540,00


Brake on the rear wheel€ 60,00
Canvas rain cover€ 120,00
Seat pad€ 30,00

Friday, January 6, 2012

Leiba X- Stream and X-Stream XXL

LEIBA x-stream

Here are the bad boys of the Leiba lineup. The X-Stream and X-Stream XXL are the most advanced and streamlined of the Leiba line. Once again the prices start at 5499 Euros and go up from there, depending on your options choices. I couldn't find much information on their website, but it would appear that the cannopy has an opening wind screen and a large clam shell door on top that should make entry a breeze. Even if the Leiba website doesn't have enough info, we can almost always find a few YouTube videos.

Leiba Brise

LEIBA brise

Here is a fascinating idea. This takes the head out design to a whole new level. The sides are even gone to allow for maximum entry flexibility. The price begins at 5499 Euros for this one. Great for recreational use or if you just want a little more wind in your hair. Here is a price list good from 2009. That is the most up to date list so far.
Description EURO
LEIBA x-stream (basic equipment)
€ 5499,-
LEIBA x-stream with a "SRAM Dual Drive" hub 
€ 200,- extra
LEIBA x-stream with a 14-gears "Rohloff" hub
€ 890,- extra
LEIBA x-stream with a "BionX" E-Motor assist
from € 1500,- extra
Mechanic front disk brakes "Avid BB7" 
 € 260,- extra
Corrosion protection for all aluminium parts
€ 60,- extra
Aero wheel covers from FRP
€ 20,- /piece
Aero wheel covers mounting 
€ 8,- / wheel
Front wheel case  covers 
€ 120,- extra
Indicator light system
€ 150,- extra
Cellular upholstery (not cut to size)
€ 12,- extra
Cellular upholstery "Ventisit"
€ 75,- extra
Right rear mirror € 23,- extra 
€ 300,- extra
Rent (after purchasing a LEIBA
x-stream the rental will be credited)
€ 25,- /day
€ 150,- /week
Shipping/DeliveryPrices on request
(Spare)partsPrices on request

LEIBA brise