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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Velocity Velos

velo driver

If Velocity Velos velomobile looks familiar, you would be correct. They company  located at in your browser window, takes the shell made by Blue Sky Designs and combines it with a TerraTrike. The TerraTrike is a widely known and very popular tadpole recumbent trike. These guys offer everything from a simple canopy-less velo for around $3600 US all the way up to a fully tinted, electric assist full canopy velo for around $6200 US and everything in between. All in all they offer 12 different combinations for you to choose from. This may be the best deal around, at the price they offer. The website also states they will sell you the body less the trike. The nicest thing I like about this design, is a completely closed canopy without restricting rider visibility.


  1. Mine is finished and will be delivered next week. Taylor made me a zotefoam cockpit cover which when combined with the flevobike roof will give me the same head out design as my former strada

  2. I have built an open cockpit version of Velocity Velos DIY kit on a 2010 Terratrike Tour.I think anyone with reasonable mechanical ability could put one of these together.It was actually a enjoyable and challenging build,and now I have a fun and very practical machine .Taylor was very helpful in answering my many questions ,and often sent me pictures to help clarify. I look forward to years of piloting my Velo.

  3. Fun Build, Put one On My ICE FS and then Rode it To DC From Portland Oregon. ROAM 2011