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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vector HPV

Without a doubt the one I want and cannot buy is the Vector. Built back in the 1980's to compete in the IHPSC races, the Vector is easily the most streamlined and close to the ground. I believe the had 24 inch sew up tires in front and a 700c rear wheel. It had a lexan canopy and was constructed with 2 inch tubing. Apparently the huge clear canopy caused a few problems. It would cook you on warm days and fog up on cool days.

If  you want to know about something really close in design stay tuned, I will be uploading a velomobile in the near future that could be a production version of this. It probably isn't, but it definitely has some of the same design cues.
Check out the link below for some more information on the Vector.


  1. such a great bicycle! any news yet?

  2. Here's a vector for sale

    Not mine..