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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Streamliner lowracer

O.K. so I've showed you this picture before. Here is what I intend to do. This is actually my first attempt at building a bicycle from scratch, learning to weld and such. I am going to rebuild this bike into a lowracer recumbent with roadbike tires. The front will have a high pressure 20 inch bmx tire. The back will remain a 26 inch, but also with a high pressure tire. I am going to get this finished as a lowracer first, then I will start working on a full fairing for this bike. I will probably make a door of some sort and bomb bay doors at the bottom that are spring loaded. They will swing open when you put your feet down to stop. I will also be using a NACA style duct system in the very front that ducts incoming cool air over the rider starting at the feet and exiting a slot in the back. The vent will be necessary for cooling because of the heat that will build up inside, even when cool outside(imagine your car with the windows rolled up and you exercising).

Stay tuned as I post updates on the progress of the build.

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