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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sinner Mango

The Sinner Mango is brought to you by the people at Pricing as seen from the people at is as follows. The Sinner Mango Plus is listed at $10,884, the Sinner Mango Sport is $11,620 and the Sinner Mango Red Edition is $13,764 all US dollars. They also list lots of optional equipment . As you can see the Sinner Mango is constructed of fiberglass and features a fully enclosed drive train as well as a full dash made of carbon fiber. There is also a carbon fiber version of the  Mango + available. Their are three models to choose from, the Mango Tour model seems to be the most promising.  The Tour model has included items like a bell, a bike computer, battery charger, cover with foam cap, pump, spare tire and paste stuff.  It is fully ready for a cross country trip if you like.

Once again here is a random video from youtube. As you can see these velomobiles are some of the most popular.  There is a large number of Sinner Mango videos I have found on youtube. Some of the videos are a half hour long or more. Obviously a velomobile is a much more comfortable bike to ride than a traditional bike all while requiring up to 50 percent less effort or more to pedal the same speed as an upright bike. The video on the right shows the speed capabilities of a Mango. This one reached 111 kph on a downhill ride.

Update: had a fellow reader link me to some sites showing lots of wonderful pictures. Here are a few from I won't upload many, the files are huge.
Velomobil Sinner Mango ohne Deckel

Sinner Mango velomobile 211 Pachauer

Sinner Mango velomobile 211 Front top

Mango velomobile 211 rear
Mango velomobile 211 page view

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