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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Organic Transit

Organic Transit is currently taking orders for a new concept they intend to sell. Once they hit 300 they will start producing them. These types of vehicles are commonly known as pedicabs. These are without a doubt some of the best designs I have seen. Here are some of the specs of the above vehicle known as the Elf. Ripped right from their website...
  • Purpose: Personal Commuting & recreation
  • 1 Person + (passenger jump seat)
  • Can carry 5-8 bags of groceries and up to 200lbs payload
  • Range: 30 Miles with each 8lb 48V Battery Pack
  • Speed: 25MPH
  • Full Lighting: Headlights, Brake lights, Blinkers, Warning Flashers
  • Poly-Carbonate/ Composite Body
  • Length- 7’
  • Width – 42”
  • Height – 62”
  • Weight – 93 Lbs.
  • Price: $3,700 US Plus Shipping/Handling and applicable Taxes

 The vehicle just above is called Truckette. Here are its features.....

  • Purpose: Business/Utility/Delivery/Food Service/Vending
  • 1 Person + (passenger jump seat)
  • Can Carry 20 Bags of Groceries and up to 350Lbs Payload*
  • Range: 30 Miles with each 8Lb. 48V Battery Pack
  • Speed: 20MPH
  • Full Lighting: Headlights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Warning Flashers
  • Poly Carbonate Composite Body
  • Pedal Drivetrain: CVT Automatic Transmission
  • Length- 7’2”
  • Width – 40”
  • Height – 62”
  • Weight – 87 Lbs.
  • Price: $3,400 US Plus Shipping/Handling and applicable Taxes
The vehicles listed above are known as pedicabs and not velomobiles for two distinct reasons. First off, they have the ability to carry passengers and or cargo and are therefore bigger and heavier than velomobiles. Second, because of their size, less aerodynamic shape and higher weight compared to a velomobile they will be harder to pedal as fast as a velomobile. They do normally have an electric drive train to help with the speed and distance you can cover and  as you can see, the price and functionality makes them look very good for the pocketbook. This could be an excellent vehicle for urban use or around town. Hopefully they can get this concept off the ground and start producing them.

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