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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lets get started building the future.

Hello and welcome. This will be my first post on the Custom built velomobile blog brought to you by the Lattimer Cycle Company. First off let me tell you I have always been interested in bicycles since I was a kid. At the age of 12 or so I put an automatic transmission on my 10 speed road bike.

Fast forward to today. I am 38 years old and am tired of working for somebody else. I have a wonderful wife who supports me in what I want to achieve. I now have a space to work on some of the special build projects that I always wanted to. I have finished a recumbent hi wheeled 26 inch bike built from parts of bikes I pulled from the trash.

I am now in the final stages of development on a recumbent trike with an extra long wheelbase to which I will build a fully enclosed body. I intend to have some sort of canopy that will slide open and closed as necessary for ventilation. I will try to keep posts and pictures updated as soon as I can upload.



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