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Saturday, December 31, 2011

High Speed Velomobiles

Just in case anyone is wondering just how fast a velomobile can go, lets start with a couple of videos going gently down hills.
The aerodynamic advantage of these vehicles means it can attain very high speeds(up to 70mph in some cases) going down slightly sloping hills. In some cases riders in Europe who may have to deal with slopes of several miles going down mountain roads, drag chutes are deployed to help keep the speed under control.
In some cases riders of these vehicles can attain great speed on level ground. All of these vehicles you will see are road going. I will not show you Battle Mountain streamliners, because most of those cannot be used on a public street. At least not without a team of people helping you to get in and out of the streamliner.

Both of these vehicles are of the Team Blueshift racing team that races in the Australian International Pedal Prix. I will do a story on them in the future. That could be the racing of the future. Very exciting to watch, and they upload lots of videos to Youtube.

The videos you see here are taken with the vehicles running 60 mph or so.

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