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Monday, December 12, 2011

Here is a current picture of my high wheel recumbent build. I will be removing the front tire and handlebars to convert it into a low racer by adding a 20 inch front wheel and suspension fork. I will upload more pictures as soon as I can get the work done. I will also be changing out to some smoother running tires, hopefully with higher pressures than the 65 psi tires I am using now.

Even as it stands, it is much easier to ride and pedal than a normal bike of any configuration. With a small pad on the solid metal seat I have now, I have no doubts that I could ride for a very long time with no aches or pains. It is also easier to run at faster speeds than ever in the past. I can even run faster on this bike than on my 700c road bike. I may even make a front and rear fairing at some point. Should be a screamer.

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