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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blue Sky Designs

Blue Sky Designs are known for mainly selling the BUG E electric vehicle. They also sell bodywork so you can build your own velomobile using their fairing, canopy and bodywork. They will work with you with your design, but you need to use your own recumbent tadpole trike as a base for the bodywork. As of this writing, you can get the canopy and body work from them at for a price of 1,000 dollars US for the bodywork and canopy. All you need is use a recumbent trike. Below are the dimensions of the trike.

Below here is the BugE. It is not a velomobile but reverse trike using electric motors and moped running gear. It is registered as a motor vehicle and comes with paperwork to get it registered for street use. It is sold as a kit and must be assembled.

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  1. The contacts , particularly Taylor , are very helpful and informative .

    The product looks good and very well priced .

    One to bear in mind for a good DIY solution .