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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birkenstock Butterfly

Let me introduce you to the Birk Butterfly. This velomobile may be the rarest of all produced. That may have something to do with its price tag. At a price of 32,500 Swiss Francs( thats currently just over 37 thousand US dollars) it is easily the most expensive I have found for sale. The website has a few interesting recumbents for sale. 

The Butterfly has basic 3 watt LEDs for lighting and signals. It has gas pressurized props for opening the shell. The top can come off and be stored when not in use, so you don't have to ride with the glass canopy up the entire time. You can even change the cross section of the air intakes. The height of the seat as well as the length from the seat to the bottom bracket can be changed. The entire top section can come off as well.  Speed capabilities are unknown at this point as we can find no one who owns one and there are only a handful of 30 second or less videos on you tube. The website states a construction time of 3 months, which at this price is produced with carbon fiber.